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The Zuk Family at Paul & Mary Zuk's 
50th Anniversary
Lake Garda, Unionville*
From open fields and a tiny farm house in rural Zarudie, Poland...to the cold, frightening decks of immigrant ships on the Baltic Sea...to the vast, unfamiliar and imposing chambers of Ellis Island...to the streets and factories of depression-era New Britain...

This is the story of Paul and Mary Zuk, their four beautiful daughters and a legion of descendants who, decades later, raise their own families and lead fulfilling lives in Connecticut, New England and beyond thanks to their Russian ancestors' determination to realize the American dream. Descendants of Paul, Mary and their daughters Natalia (Natalie), Antonina (Toni), Anastasia (Nancy) and Nina Zuk are invited to sift through this collection of family reflections and vintage photographs...and more importantly to pause for a moment to consider and appreciate the love and sacrifice of their forebearers, without whom the lives we lead today would not be possible.
* Front row, left to right: Bill Buden, Christine Buden Rybczynski, George Sachok, Toni Zuk Sachok, Paul Zuk (Jedko), Mary Zuk (Babka), Natalie Zuk, Peter Zuk, Earl Carey, Michael Buden, Kevin Carey. Second row, left to right: Fred Zuk, Paul Sachok, Earl Carey, Nina Carey (holding Brian Carey), Stanley Buden, Nancy Zuk Buden, Anne Zuk Novack (holding Bobby Novack), Dave Novack (holding David Novack, Jr.), Duane Sachok, Walter Sachok, Elaine Carey Street, Nancy Sachok McGuire, Daniel Buden.